Hat Pins & Jewelry

We carry all the newest hat pins of glass artists, jam bands and DJs!  We have a wide selection of locally made hemp jewelry of varying prices.  Our collection of glass pendants spans the country with over a hundred different pendys to choose from.  Our selection is constantly changing, especially in the festy season!


We have tons of hookahs from Omnis & Sahara Smoke.  From under $20 to the specialty $100 hookahs.  We have a wide selection to fit any budget.  You can choose from over 30 different Starrbuzz flavors, some of the best all Americal made shisha!  Speaking of American made, we have the quality Sahara Smoke hookah replacement parts.

Not a tobacco smoker?  We have tobacco & nicotine-free shisha that smokes similar to the e-cigarette!

Wanting a longer smoke experience?  Try our coals made from bamboo or coconut!  Sulfur free and lasts up to three times longer!  We carry Zambookah & Coconara along with our traditional coals from Three Kings or Akhla.


Looking to cut cigarettes out of your life?  E-cigarettes have helped millions quit the habit or reduce how much you smoke.  We carry Ego compatible e-cigarettes, batteries, tanks, and accessories!  We also have locally made e-juice from our friends at Lincoln Vapor!

Outdoor Fun

Not only do we carry all the best couch accessories (lol), but we have fun stuff to get you outdoors as well!  From hammocks, footbags, slacklines to fire poi, kites, we carry tons of outdoor fun!

Bomb Footbags

– Custom hacky sacks with a range of colors, sizes and fills.  We have sand, plastic, metal, or combination bags.  Hand made with Japanese Amara, a super soft and fuzzy yet durable synthetic suede material.


– We have the full line of hammocks and accessories from Eagle’s Nest Outfitters.  Find a tree and set up your new single, double, or double deluxe hammock!  We also carry their accessories like straps, rainflys, lights, sleeping bags, and more!  If you’d like to get even more adventurous try their slacklines!


– Flowtoys produces illuminated instruments that take you to the state of optimal experience known as “flow.”  There is something for everyone whether you are having fun with friends and family, or taking the perfect break from work that gets more oxygen to your brain and builds more neural networks.  All flowtoys-manufactured products are covered under our forever flow lifetime warranty, no matter when or where you purchased them.

Home of Poi

– Internationally renowned manufacturer and supplier of Poi, Fire Poi, Staff/Baton, Juggling, and Fire performance and equipment.

Into the Wind

– Having a kite store in a place with some of the worst winds on the planet, they’ve learned what separates kites that fly well from kites that fly great. Together with leading kite designers, they’ve turned that experience into some of the best flying kites anywhere.




We have all the newest styles from Seedless, Grassroots California, Miss Mary Jane Co, Lakhays, SpiritHoods. Ixchel, & No Bad Ideas.  We also carry shirts of various glass artists along with a variety of locally tye-dyed clothing.